Savor with Sonu

Moderator: Sonu M.

Show: Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah

Character: Madhav

This show narrates the story of a girl named Anmol who fights all of society for the honor and respect of her father who has become mentally imbalanced after her mother passed away when young. She fights all odds to keep the family together bearing the taunts of society and even her own extended family.

This being his first show, Krrip Kapur Suri played the character of Madhav where he was one of the main antagonists. He was shown to be the son of Kali Prasad who was the younger brother of Anmol's father along with being a very well and respected man. Suri's portrayal of a negative character was very convincing where he is shown to be hungry for power and wants to become as successful as his father. He is shown to go to great extents from playing family politics to bigger plots to attain power.

Show: Apno ki leye dharmyudh Geeta

Character: Raghu

Geeta's plot revolves around the main character, Geeta, whose family is sent to jail with false accusations of beating up their daughter in law for dowry. Geeta's journey from a simple girl to a beautiful princess sought out to revenge her family's is something unique and different than the typical saas bahu serials and shows shown on screen. With a new chemistry mixed between the main characters: Geeta, Prince and Raghu- it managed to make more space in the people's of how certain rules and regulations can be misused and taken advantage of. 

The character of Raghu essayed by Krrip Kapur Suri was of a bad boy with a good intention. Known for being the "Robinhood" of his area, he used his rules and regulations to reinforce peace and harmony where ever he felt was necessary and did not care whether he was breaking the law while doing so. He helps Geeta transform her self from a simple girl to a beautiful princess who is out to take revenge on those who have sent her family in jail with false accusations. Suri had given a different twist to this character with his look, charm and Bihari accented dialogues!

Show: Phulwa

Character: Babu

The tale of Phulwa takes us into a world like no other. The main character Phulwa has gone through so much in her life as a child such as being married at a young age and being tortured by the Takurs. Bearing the brunt of these crimes was her brother, Babu (Krrip Kapur Suri) as well. The siblings grow up and have joined a Dakhu ka gang who help those who need them whenever and for whatever reason. Phulwa then decides to marry her enemy's son which added a twist to the story but by all means, Phulwa is able to get revenge from the Takurs who gave such sadness to her family and those around them.

Krrip Kapur Suri essays the role of Babu, Phulwa's smaller brother, who works hand in hand with Phulwa to run her tribe and to make sure Phulwa is always secure from the Takurs. Suri has managed show he is a versatile actor by showing some great moments of comedy in the show. With a rustic look which is needed for such a character, Suri has managed to play the impatient and always ready to pounce character with ease and full dedication.

Show: Savitri

Character: Rahukaal

Based on the tale of Satyavaan and Savitri, this saga takes us into many different locations and time periods from 1000 years back to the present time. The tale of a love triangle between Veer, Damayanti and Rahukaal where Rahukaal manages to separate the two lovers but the lovers vow to meet in their next births. As they come back in the present times and meet as Savitri and Satya but so does the main antagonist Rahukaal who wants to attain Damayanti/Savitri no matter what!! A plot of twists and turns surely did bring attention to the audience's eye for its creativity and uniqueness than the typical saas bahu characters.

Krrip Kapur Suri's portrayal of Rahukaal won the hearts and praises of fans of all ages, especially the girls by playing a psycho lover and the King of Evil- Rahukaal who comes back after 1000 years to meet and win his love, Damayanti aka Savitri in present times. His dedication to this role showed immensely with his well toned body, perfect diction of pure sanskrit dialogues and acting which made his fans say "Wow" after each episode. Being the main antagonist of the love story who was to break up the leading couple, fans seemed to prefer his story with Damayanti over that of Satya's and Savitri's in the show! 

Show: Sadda Haq

Character: Vardhaan Suryavanshi

Set in a Engineering college, the story pertains to the struggle of a college girl, Sanyuktha, whose father does not believe in further educating their daughters, not have a career out of their homes and to become the typical Indian house wife. Her dream to become a mechanical engineer is her driving force to succeed and stay in FITE college no matter how many obstacles come her way. To make her story line more interesting there two main antagonists in the show: Randhir Singh Shikawaat (a college student) and Vardhaan Suryavanshi (college professor and genius) played by Krip Suri.

"Interesting, very interesting"- the signature dialogue of Vardhaan sir. Krrip Kapur Suri's performance of a hot sizzling and dynamic professor has made fans run to their screens during prime show time to watch the show! Sporting specs, a modernized version of a Nehru jacket and a rock on attitude: Suri has managed to make the role of a professor look no less than a model walking the ramp. Vardhaan sir's character has shown to be dynamic yet mysterious with secrets that twist the plot around with a tweak of an eye. His portrayal of a professor who is a mentor, a great friend, and a big brother at times has surely challenged the stereotype of a regular professor/student relationship; this challenge of his is what makes the audiences of all ages, especially students, to fall in love with this character more and more.