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For those who were not able to read the article since it is in Hindi, here is a translation of it from Hindi to English for our international fans

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The heart has become crazy (fan).
These days every beautiful girl is crazy over these single handsome actors who portray a sometimes-smiling, sometimes-intense characters on screen.

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Krip Suri: Makes hearts Beat--
Krip Suri's body has made viewers so crazy that despite playing a negative character rahukaal in LifeOk's serial Savitri, he has a long line of female admirers. Let's see what is in his heart for his fans--

The heart wants: It's nice to hear that I have a lot of female admirers among others. I will try to live up to their love and expectations. I don't have any particular 'dream girl' concept about my life partner. But yes, the girl I marry should be simple and should be able to take care of my family.

The heart yearns: My heart used to yearn for long drives in delhi. But these days, to get to the studio in mumbai's rain is in itself a long drive. I have to drive 40-45 km daily. Whenever i have some free time, I like to watch movies. I recently watched the english film Argo and the hindi film Aashiqui 2. Both were excellent.

The heart likes: I like coffee. I like to have it myself and make it for others as well. During breaks in shooting, I make my coworkers happy by making coffee for them. I like cooking very much. I take food to the sets which i cook myself using a lot of green vegetables. I like to excercise and to keep myself fit as an actor, I workout 6 days a week. I try to give 1 and 1/2 hrs daily to my workout.

The heart wants to do: I want to do a lot for my mother. To be honest, I don't feel worthy enough to give anything to my mom. So I don't want to belittle things by listing what all I want to do for her. I have 2 brothers. One elder, one younger. There is a lot of love amongst us. When I miss them, I always hum to myself this song from the movie 'Jo jeeta wohi sikandar', 'rooth ke humse kabhi, jab chale jaoge tum' (Translation--whenever you get angry with me and go away, I never thought I would miss you so much)


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