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Interview with Krip Suri

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12 Aug 2013 12:48:24 Hrs IST

After successfully being the baddie of the TV industry, he explores his good side to the world. Krip Suri a.k.a Rahukaal of Life Ok’s popular serial Savitri …in talks with Cinetvmasti about his show, work, and more.

What according to you should be the characteristics to be a good onscreen villain?

 There is a unique persona that comes out when playing a character. Talking about my character, Rahukaal, the name itself portrays negativity. Also the demeanor of the presentation of Rahukaal by the channel and the production house triggered off my performance, thereby helping me to provide powerful performance. For an instance Amrish Puri’s performance as Mogambo in Mr India gained accolades due to the amazing appearance of the character. I believe that the character and its appearance and also the performance altogether make you unique in that particular zone or the character that you play.

Rahukaal seems to be an orthodox name of the character so what made you to play such a conventional character which is by far not in sync with current trend of entertainment?

I am playing Rahukaal which is a powerful character who takes a reincarnation after 1000 years only to accomplish his lady love that itself conveys the magnitude of his commitment which brings him back from the death. Looking at the character’s greatness and power I thereby chose to play it. Secondly, I got an opportunity to play a matured character which I believe is substantial to have it on TV; having said that I am growing as an actor so I am working and learning simultaneously to be a better actor.

Do you think people misjudge an actor playing a villainous role to his real life character?

No, people tend to attach some kind of emotion with the character; for an instance I receive lot of emails and messages from my fans saying that they get scared of my laughter in the character that I play in the show. But that is it; they don’t consider that negative image as my real character in real life. I am very positive guy in real life and I believe in doing my work with that positivism. At times people might misjudge with my onscreen character to my off-screen character by assuming that my off-screen personality may have a similar negative personality traits. At the end of the day I am playing a character but in real life I am a human being and a very positive person.

How adaptable are you in different roles?

I am here to entertain and I can’t live without these 3 words and that is light, camera and action. I am alive for entertainment and will put my heart and soul to entertain everyone with whatever role I am offered to play. I want to explore each and every kind of character. I have done two comedy films which are yet to release. My job is to entertain everyone and till the point I believe that I can do justice to the kind of work being offered to me I’ll continue working for different spectrums of entertainment.

Brief your good and the bad characteristics?

My good side is that I am very positive but I blindly trust people and that is what I believe is the bad trait in me which lets me to get misused or taken disadvantaged by the people. It’s still fine with me as it teaches me a lesson every time when I blindly trust people.  

Any message to Cinetvmasti fans?

Please keep watching Savitri as it is a wonderful show. Keep enjoying life and its every moment. Keep yourself focused and dedicated to your goals and be positive in your every endeavor. Believe in God, believe in you and be positive.


By Dhrithi Gulvadi