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Signs of a true performer!!

Posted by Sonu M on February 24, 2014 at 1:15 AM


OMG.. these were the exact words I said when I watched the last few minutes of today's episode...

Lets go to Suri saab who stole the spotlight of the episode.... what a performance really poora standing ovation vala act..! He brought such intensity and passion into this one scene that it made it hard for us as an audience to see such a strong character break down like this... a salute to such an outstanding actor who managed to not only portray this hurtful scene with such emotion but I am sure many of you teared up at this scene also... Simply fantastic acting #mindblown, #lossofwords.

Vardhaan's one aim after Niharika's death was to fulfill her dream of the DREAM team but kya all these years he was living in the misconception that Niharika also loved him? Well we will find out in the next episode or pieces of the story... and looks like Sayuktha will get to the bottom of the story since she is curious about all this now too..

Guys this show is going places so please do not forget to watch Sadda Haq!

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