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Hello everyone! This is Savor with Sonu's blog and I welcome you all :)! This blog will be pertaining to the work of Krip Suri and recent work like his show Savitri on Life Ok :)...

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More AVIs...:) !!

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Follow Savitri and Krip Suri on Indian-Forums

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Helloooooooooooo world :)...Welcome to your own Savor with Sonu's blog with of course me: Sonu :)....I actually follow Savitri's forums and Krip Suri's forums on the site called: India-Forums...This site basically has all the serials's threads where people can make accounts and have discussions on their favorite serials and the characters in them...Krip Suri is also on there soooo please do take some time out and check it out!! Some great discussions are going on there and you will find me there also ehe, my name is sonu2510 on there sooo please do go check it out!! Here is the link to the site, God bless everyone...Cheers :)..

Fan Mail!!!!

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Hello all!!! Welcome to Savor with Sonu's blog with  your host n very close dost Sonu :)!!!! Soo like I have mentioned on this website if anyone has read the instructions: there is a message board I have made especially for all you Krip Suri fans :)....I had said I would post your guys messages and comments on here if appropriate and here you go :)...A fan has sent his message for the forum and many wishes along with that..Lets have a look shall we:

Hi Krip,

Yesterday, I saw your serial and found that you have got an extremely good physique, which I have never seen before and also you have got a good amount of Talent which will keep you moving head in Bollybood. Best of luck. Rohit

Glad that you like his work Rohit and lets hope his work stays this consistent throughout the serial! God bless everyone, til next time please take care, loads of love from me :) OXOXOX....


Hamare Krip Suri ka Happy Birthday!!

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Hellloo friends welcome to Savor with Sonu's blog with who else, me, Sonu :)!!! I do not know if many of you know this fun fact: Aaj hamare Krip Suri ji ka Happy Birthday hai!! :) 


Well well well I would like to wish Mr.Suri from all his fans a very happy & prosperous birthday...May God bring a boat load of happiness in his life and may God bring prosperity in his career :)!! Bhai Rahukaal ji bhi toh apna birthday celebrate karthe honge na...yup yup, according to this article published in tellychakar, his birthday festivities were kept to the minimum this year due to his hectic shooting schedule however he was able to celebrate with the cast and crew of Savitri...:) Wowzzz wish could see pictures :( but never the less here's the article..Enjoy!!!! :)

‘There is no place like home,’ says a home sick Dorothy in the movie The Wizard of Oz. Krip Suri who plays the role of Rahukaal in Life OK’s Savitri feels that an ideal birthday is the one you spend at home with your loved ones. On his birthday today (14 June 2014), he is missing his family members.

He came back from shooting in the mid afternoon today to enter a desolate house as his family members are currently living in Delhi. His brother has in a way made up for the lacunae on his birthday by gifting him a beautiful frame in which he has captured all the special moments of his life from his birth till now. His colleagues also made him feel better by organising cake cutting on the sets.

Looking forward to his next birthday, he says, “My family members will be in Mumbai with me by my next birthday. I feel that will be my best birthday. I still have such fond memories of all my childhood birthdays with them, especially the one when I was in Class X. I had a lovely house party that year.”

Regarding his worst birthday he reminiscencest , “It was the one when I was struggling in Mumbai. My family wasn’t with me and I had to make do with chutney and parathas.”

He feels that his best birthday is yet to come. “My best birthday will be the one in which I am at home with my family. My family members will be pampering me and cooking and arranging dinner for me.”

On growing a year older, he says, “I feel that I am getting all the more mature as I am advancing in age. Simultaneously, I also realise that I am reaching my life’s end. Before I die, I want to make my family name ‘Suri’ a brand name.”

How would Rahukaal have spent his birthday? He laughs, “He would obviously want to spend it with Savitri, as he is struggling so hard to win her.”

It was also the birthday of Supriya Raina Shukla who is currently a part of Colors’ Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki. We tried contacting her but she was unreachable.

We wish both the actors a great birthday.

Such a touching story right all?? All I would like to say is yes Suri saab home is always home sweet home! No place like it at all but it is  great you will be expecting your family your next birthday :)....Doston hope you enjoy this article, give loads of blessings to Suri saab and til next time, take care all me signing off and wishing our "RK" a very happy birthday once again...CHeers!!!!! :D

Will Rahukaal gull Savitri to emerge more powerful and menacing?

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Hello all & welcome to Savor with Sonu with me: Sonu! :), The latest article posted on the show Savitri is posted on on the story line :) hope u guys enjoy it & I'll be posting more articles like this every time they come out :)

Possessive and obsessive lovers who continue to stalk despite being in a one-sided relationship are frightening, especially if the lover is a sinister figure who is the devil incarnate like Rahukaal (Krip Suri) in Life OK’s Savitri (Flying Turtle Films).

 Princess Damayanti (Ridhi Dogra) had bravely severed Rahukaal’s body into pieces thereby defeating him. Her altercations with him are carrying on in her current birth in which she has reincarnated as Savitri. Rahukaal simply refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. He has told her that he will stop pursuing her if she collects all his strewn body parts and hands it over to him.

 Savitri is unaware that once he obtains all his body parts, his power will manifold and he being completely evil will create havoc than never before. We contacted Krip Suri who confirmed the news. He elaborated, “Rahukaal is with Savitri and is trying to convince her how much he loves her with the hope that they can be together.”

 For more updates on the show keep reading this space.

More AVIs...:)

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More AVIs :D!! Enjoy


Some AVIs of Savitri :)

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Hello all :)!! I wanted to try out how to make AVIs since I had seen them on forums but never made them you go and enjoy!! :)                                                                 






On screen baddie Krip Suri do-gooder off screen.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Savor with Sonu's blog!! ;)....I stumbled upon a recent article of Krip Suri on, something very touching :) you go:

Actor Krip Suri may who plays Rahukaal in fantasy show "Savitri" on Life OK and gives hell to the protagonist for rejecting his feelings, is in real life, a do-gooder.


The actor took time out from his busy schedule to participate in a blood donation campaign organised by Manchester United Cafe Bar in collaboration with Indian Red Cross Society to donate 100 litres of blood on World Red Cross Day Wednesday, said a statement.


The actor, famous for his physique, readily agreed to be a part of the initiative.


Krip, seen as antagonist on the show, has been part of other series like "Phulwa" and "Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmayudh".


Saviyti is a fantasy mega series infused with paranormal elements.

Woww very impressive Suri saab :) keep up the good deeds! This is Sonu logging off for now tc and see ya soon!

How TV stars will spend the last day of their lives if the world has to come to an end?

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Hello Friends and welcome to Savor with Sonu's blog with yours truely: SONU!! ;)...Soo sometimes in my spare time I like to roam around the website of Telly Chakkar which has all the updates of the televisions stars or Tellywood some people call it...On the site there was an old interview around April 14, 2013 where TV stars were asked a question: How TV stars will spend the last day of their lives if the world has to come to an end? Suri saab ne bhi apna jawab diya..:)... It is not a normal coffee conversation but never the less something interesting to read! Here is the whole prompt:

When you are trying to console a person, you often say, “So what? That doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world.” What if it was actually the end of the world? Maybe you would be at your wit’s end and be totally inconsolable. We asked your favourite TV actors how they would spend the last day of their lives. Instead of panicking they thought of innovative ways of spending the final hours of their life.

This is what Mr.Suri said:

I would like to spend the last day of my life with my family. I will try my utmost to give them all the happiness in the world. I will apologise to all those whom I have hurt.

How sweet is that :)...Dekheye ga doston kahin sweetness ke mare diabetes na ho jaye lol...Til next time folks take care and keep on reading Savor with Sonu's blog!!

May 1, 2013's episode of Savitri...

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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to Savor with Sonu with me, duhhh, Sonu :)'s episode is also dealing with Savitri and her tests with Yakshini...

Episode begins with Vikrant telling that he has come to kill him,to avenge his brother,Dev's death...but then,RK says,who will then avenge his death...all the pisaach surround them,when Vishghati appears from nowhere,and tosses the pisaach and Vikrant in the air...RK sees her and is taken aback...she tells him why has he come here...he is in danger in Naagraj's realm...The pisaach try to attack again,but both of them disappear...Vikrant gets up shouting out RahuKaal...but the pisaach surround him...
Scene shifts to Savitri...where Yakshini asks her the last question based on the element fire.Yakshini asks Savitri what is that emotion that can destroy/set fire to a marriage...Savitri tries hard but she cannot think of an answer...the fire attacks her and her pallu catches fire...Yakshini on the other hand is enjoying the scene...and having fun...

Scene shifts to Vishghati and Rahu...where Rahu is surprised to see her...she tells him that he should not be he is not strong enough to deal with Naagraj..and that he is not safe here...and Naagraj and his army can destroy him...he only has his head...and 51 parts are still left...and so are his 51 powers...Rahu says that is why he has come here ,to gain his powers back...V tells him to not lie to her...and she knows that he is looking for Damyanti..she tells him that she does not belong to him...Rahu yells at her that Damyanti only belongs to him...and she has come to acquire his 'hands'...she corrects him that she is Savitri and has come to save her husband...and that he should stay away from her...

Scene shifts to Savitri who is still struggling to give an answer...and with the fire...Yakshini yet again tells her to back out...and save herself...

Scene shifts to Rahu and V...who tells him that his hand will reach him safely,and so will the rest of his body...whenever Savitri will go to a place,where it is impossible for Rahu to reach,there she will go to protect her and help her,because it is necessary for Savitri to get all his body parts...V tells him that she still remembers the day when she had seen him at Shamshanbhumi...he looked like any ordinary human...but he had a spark in his eyes...he was not scared of her...he smiled at her...that's when her heart told her to take him and raise him as her own son...he is someone who can rule Kalibhumi...

She says that she does not hate him...only sad that she could not save him from the evil and bad world and from Gulika...she could not save him...Rahu says that its because of Gulika that he is alive,she has waited for 1000 years..and today whatever is happening is because of her...V says that you are right...all is happening because of Gulika...he is not that Rahu who she had made her son,he is not the Rahu she wanted him to be...he is that Rahu what Gulika made of him...stealing the ages of helpless people..misusing his powers...all this she did not teach him...Gulika is that evil who she should not have given birth to...she tried to kill her father when she was 11,she always has a motive for doing anything,she is selfish,she knows her daughter very well...and he is trusting her...Rahu says he does not trust her either,but he does not have any one else to help him...evil is the only link that binds them together...

Scene shifts to Savitri who is cursing Yakshini...she says that she has seen a lot of women,but not one like her...Yakshini gets angry and tells her that if she says another word ,she will burn her...thats when it strikes her...that the answer is ego...ego is the fire that can destroy a marriage...
Scene shifts to V telling Rahu,that she thought that she will never let the shadow of evil fall on him...but she lost...Rahu tells her that you realize this after 1000 years...but did she ever think that why did he turn like this...because she left him when he needed her the most...V says that she left because she could not see him turning into a monster...but when he fell in love with Damyanti,she thought that he could redeem himself...because if there is love present in him...then he still has some humanity left in him...and that he was a human by birth...But Rahu says that he is not a human...he hates that word...he is a power...a rebel...a arrogant human who turned into a Shaitan,whom she named RahuKaal...

V warns him that he is in danger and she has come to protect him,to show him the right path...and tells him to return to KankaalBhumi...Rahu says he will not go anywhere...but V uses her powers on him...but he can't fight her power...and tells her to stop...V reminds him he cannot win against her...and that she is his mother...
Scene shifts to Savitri and the fire has stopped attacking her...and she knows that she has answered correctly.She thanks because of her she got the right answer,and she could not think of it as,there is no ego b/w her and Satya...and she has to go she has to save her husband...
The pisaach come back to Naagraj without Rahukaal...and they tell him what happened ,and how he disappeared with a woman...and Naagraj realizes that the woman is Vishghati...

V traps Rahu in her powers...and binds him...Rahu tells her to leave him...but she does not...She tells him that she will not leave him...he might be Rahukaal for his army and the world...but for her,he is still her son...she knows how to stop him...Rahu says that Damyanti is all alone and he needs to help her...she tells him that she can protect Damyanti and anyway he has created a lot of problem for her by coming here...Rahu asks her that what did he do...V tells him that Savitri needs a human's help...and the one who could help her...he killed him...that pandit was going to help Damyanti...but he killed him..the pandit was the link b/w the pisaach and the Devi and he killed he will remain here..if he tries to go near Savitri in the chakravyuh,then he should remember one thing...she also will not be able to save him...

Savitri now runs to the chest containing Rahu's hands...but she sees only one hand...Yakshini appears from behind,laughing at her...Savitri says that there is only one hand here,where is the other one??...Yakshini tells her that its not so easy...Episode freezes on Savitri's face...

Precap: Yakshini says that suhaag ki nishaani,protects her husband...but by giving one to her...she has herself put Satya's life in danger...Satya at Kalibhumi is bleeding and choking...and falls unconscious...Yakshini advises Savitri to forget Satya..and to become Rahukaals..(no offense..but i also want the same...)

This is getting to be more and more intense since Savitri is getting near her destination of retrieving Rahukaal's hands...I think Krip ji is doing a tremendous job til date..he has shown emotions beyond comparision to other villians...other villians are only able to emit evil emotions while as he is able to do both love, and evil....Glad to see his character getting towards his first body parts :)....Well folks I will leave you here for now, til next time, keep watching Savitri, stay safe and take care always!!